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3D Scanning

UAV (Drone) Capabilities

Aerial Topographic Surveys

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Boundary and Topographic Surveys

Construction Staking

Design/Route Surveys

Railroad Rights-of-Way

Hazardous Waste Site Surveys (OSHA Certification)

Residential Subdivisions

Commercial Developments

Industrial Developments

As-Built Surveys

Pipeline Surveys

Highway and Rapid Transit

Hydrographic Surveys

Geodetic Surveys

Wetlands Delineation Surveys

ALTA (Land Title Surveys)

Mortgage Loan Surveys

Flood Plain Studies

Courthouse Research

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility GIS Location and Mapping

Vacuum Truck Excavation

Draper Aden Aerial

Accurate, reliable and responsive service is the hallmark of what has built our Surveying/Scanning team into one of the most respected in the Mid-Atlantic. Registered Land Surveyors as well as additional trained personnel operate highly sophisticated surveying equipment while interfacing with site personnel and office technicians. Information is collected, assembled, analyzed, and processed quickly to prepare cost-effective base maps of existing conditions. We offer our clients numerous value-added services including terra (3D) modeling, scan to BIM technology, UAV (drone) thermal/optical imaging and video, latest generation GPS mapping, control for GPS grading and earthwork, and robotic survey stakeout and base mapping. We are fully capable of providing topographic, boundary, construction stakeout and right-of-way surveys for projects that range from large complicated reservoirs, airports, highways, buildings, landfills and more to smaller single parcel projects for commercial development and residential subdivisions.