DAA Weekly Reading List: Stormwater, VEDA, SPEED

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What’s new and noteworthy this week in the engineering and design world? At Draper Aden Associates, we’re following these stories and think you should too!

Stormwater News

The Virginia General Assembly has given MS4 permittees another tool in their toolbox to comply with the MS4 regulations and meet their sediment reduction requirements. House Bill 438 was passed by both the House and the Senate and allows the acquisition and use of sediment credits as part of a compliance strategy for implementing the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load.





“I am extremely excited to work with our 500 members in Virginia’s professional economic development efforts, especially as we have worked with the legislature to ensure continued access to tools to attract growth to Virginia’s economy, and about our plan to unveil a new brand this year,” said Deborah Flippo, the newly elected President of the Virginia Economic Developers Association.

Deborah is a 24 year veteran in the business development and marketing side of the engineering industry and a Business Development Manager at Draper Aden Associates. VEDA contributes to shaping economic development public policy and is a primary source of education and networking for economic development professionals in Virginia.


We get to see a lot of really cool things during our project work! The SR-71 Blackbird, a super-sonic stealth plane for the upcoming SPEED exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia is a perfect example. DAA provided a variety of services for the Event Center and Main Concourse Gallery project.





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