Dominion Virginia Power Strategic Underground



Various Locations, VA

Project Manager(s)
Charlie Kreye, PE

Services Provided
Site Development and Infrastructure

Completion Date

Dominion Virginia Power’s Strategic Underground Program is a system-wide initiative to shorten restoration times following major storms by placing certain overhead electric distribution lines and equipment underground. Their goal is to relocate the most outage-prone lines throughout their Virginia service area. This long-term project will improve the reliability of electric service for all Dominion customers.

Draper Aden Associates, acting as a Dominion representative, visits the proposed project area to collect information along the proposed project route to confirm that the preliminary route plan is feasible. From that plan we draft easement plats to coincide with the proposed route for the new underground lines.

Using the collected field data the overhead removal plans are developed and the underground design plan has been initiated. We also work closely with the right-of-way procurement team at Willbros to negotiate with homeowners the placement of above ground equipment. When the plans are completed they go through an extensive quality control using checklists we developed before being sent to Dominion for final review. Once the project construction plans are finalized and released to Willbros, we send survey crews to mark the pertinent locations such as property lines, easements, and proposed cable routes to ensure equipment is placed accurately and according to plan.


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