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Surveying and Geotechnical Engineering

Field Subgrade Establishment

Synthetic Turf Installation

Field Planarity Verification

Utilities and Lighting Installation

Value Engineering

Irrigation and Sodding

Structural Design

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Sports field design is about more than a set of plans; it is about creating the experience of fourth and goal, a penalty kick in overtime, a last second game-winning Hail Mary, a home run in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded, or the celebration of a child’s first victory as part of a youth sports team. Draper Aden Athletics exists to create athletic facilities that provide these breathtaking, edge-of-your-seat moments unique to sports. We engineer the experience for fans, players, parents, and coaches at first class sports facilities where memories are created, dreams are born, and athletic programs flourish.

Engineering these experiences, made possible by superior athletic facilities, involves much more than simple field and drainage design. Our personalized approach to planning and development relies heavily on input from owners, coaches, fans, players, and maintenance personnel. Our goal is to create a destination that is right for you, with all of the customized amenities and features to allow those special moments in sports to happen. Before the lights come on, we consider lighting impacts on surrounding neighborhoods, television broadcast requirements, and sport-specific placement. Before the crowd roars, we pay careful attention to parking requirements, access, bleacher placement, and features to enhance the fan experience. Before points are scored, your field must be designed specifically to meet your intended use, for proper drainage and irrigation, and to allow flexibility in layout so that athletes are always playing on a premium surface. Realize your vision and create a premium facility with Draper Aden Athletics. Working together as a team, we can plan, design, build, and enjoy those truly special experiences that occur in sports.