Draper Aden Contractor Assist

DA Contractor Assist


Quality Assurance

Aerial As-Builts

Construction Stakeout

Structural Inspections

Special Inspections

Construction Monitoring

Erosion and Sediment Inspections

Construction Materials Testing

Scanning Documentation

Construction Access and Crane Mats

Laser Scanning

Unforeseen Conditions

Bedrock Mapping

Geophysical Services

Structural Element Integrity


Foundation Load Analysis

Sheeting and Shoring

Utility Locating

Retaining Wall Design

Rebar Location


Demo Quality Control

Erosion and Sediment Control

Soft Digging Services

Ground Penetrating Radar

Air Monitoring

Soil Monitoring

Water Monitoring

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Draper Aden Contractor Assist is our overall commitment to being part of the reason schedules are met, not the reason projects are delayed. Through nearly five decades of construction phase experience, our custom approaches incorporate our expertise and take advantage of emerging technologies; but their core focus is responsiveness, collaboration, and availability. This means on-site technicians testing materials and structures for quality assurance; on-call engineers helping to adapt plans to field conditions; trained surveyors for construction stakeout and record as-builts; subsurface utility and geophysical locators to designate existing infrastructure; and a board certified safety professional to advise, train, and ensure “safety first”. Through every step of construction, we deliver a blend of responsiveness and expertise to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Draper Aden Contractor Assist – Working together at the speed of construction