Utilities Engineering

DAA Utilities


Preliminary Engineering Reports for Wastewater and Water Systems

Funding Assistance

Vulnerability Assessments and System Audits

Wastewater Pretreatment Program Development

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Watershed Management Engineering

Water Supply Planning and Resource Development

Water Treatment, Distribution, and Storage

Fire Protection

Systems Modeling

Water and Wastewater Rate Analyses

Trenchless Technology Assessment/Implementation

Permitting and Easement Acquisition

Linear Permitting

Bid Assistance and Contract Administration

Construction Administration and Inspection

Operations and Maintenance Assistance

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Since 1972, water and wastewater planning and design have been foundations to the services we provide our communities. From planning, rate structure analyses, design of water and wastewater systems and site infrastructure, permitting, regulatory interface, construction management or operations assistance, we have the experts who take a vested interest in your particular needs. Your needs are integrated with cost-effective technologies to ensure project success. With an enhanced Field Services program, we utilize some of the most advanced methods and equipment to obtain accurate operational data from existing water distribution and wastewater collection systems and develop strategies to meet the growing demands of operating and maintaining adequate water and sewer services.