Waste Resource Engineering



Regulatory Compliance

Operations/Efficiency Assessments

Rate Analyses and Financing

Assessments and Waste Characterization

Organics Management

Waste Management Planning

Assessment of New Technologies

Facility Due Diligence and Siting

Collection and Transfer Facility Design and Permitting

Disposal Facility Design and Permitting

Facility Design and Permitting

Composting Facility Design and Permitting

Energy Production from Waste

Gas Generation Modeling

Gas Recovery Potential

Well and Collection System Design

Blower Flare Station Design

Evaluation and Design of Electrical Generation, Direct Use, Pipeline Quality and Alternate Fuel Development and Fleet Conversion

Field Services

System Operations

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Reporting

Monetization of Carbon Credits

Air Permitting including Title V

As the waste management industry has evolved, Draper Aden Associates has remained an industry leader through support of traditional technologies as well as new waste management solutions. Concepts including sustainability, “zero waste,” organics management, renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints are bringing about a change in priorities and accountability relative to the management of solid waste. The recognition that discarded waste materials can be a resource with intrinsic value has spurred the development of new technologies in biomass conversion and the resurgence of traditional technologies in the capture and use of landfill gas. As a leader in the waste resource industry, we help clients cost-effectively solve technical and regulatory challenges.