In the Spotlight: Wrenna Mappus

At DAA, we are overflowing with exceptional employees and each month we like to choose one to highlight. You can also check back next month to see who is featured in the employee spotlight!


Charleston, South Carolina


Alma Mater:

Sumter Area Technical College



October, 15


What three words would you use to describe working at DAA?

Lucky, Fun, and Stress-free


Favorite thing about working at DAA?

All the wonderful people


In your experience here, is there a project that really stands out?

UVA Hospital – It was amazing watching it being built one floor at the time


Favorite quote or words of wisdom?

“Happiness is not having what you want. It is appreciating what you have”


Favorite sports team?

Baltimore Ravens


What TV show, movie, or book are you obsessed with right now?

Book – Robyn Carrs’ funny romance novels. Can’t put them down.


Have you been on a recent vacation or trip that you loved?

Yes, we go to our river house almost every weekend


What was the first concert you ever attended?

Temptations (now I’m telling my age)


Is there something you do or like that would surprise people?  

I love to bake, quilt and fish.