Who We Are

Each day gives us an opportunity to leave our mark on the world. Creating a Lasting Positive Impact through engineering, surveying, and environmental expertise is the primary focus of Draper Aden Associates. We are more than just a set of plans; we are a way to achieve.

With over 40 years of experience in facilities planning and engineering design for municipalities, state agencies, cultural institutions, and private clients, we provide civil, environmental, geotechnical, solid waste, and structural engineering; surveying and subsurface utility engineering; site planning and engineering; and construction inspection services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Draper Aden Associates’ aspirations and capabilities are growing every day. Whether it involves the creation of a water distribution system for an under-served community; restoration and reclamation of an environmentally degraded site; preservation of precious natural resources; sensible development of new communities; or helping to weave the campus fabric of the institutions where the next generations will learn, what we do together today can be looked back upon with pride tomorrow.


Together, we will create a Lasting Positive Impact through our actions and relationships with our clients, employees, and community.


Responsiveness     We react in a timely and professional manner
Collaboration     Together we create greatness
Respect and Support     We interact with fairness and integrity; we are there for each other
Continuous Improvement     We better ourselves every day
Reliability     We are responsible and dependable