Draper Aden Associates is committed to the safety and health of each our employees and has adopted a safety culture to perform their daily tasks with zero preventable accidents/incidents along with the required safety training and appropriate safety equipment. We are continually measuring and working to improve our safety performance through a managed safety process. That process is frequently reviewed and evaluated, and changes are implemented as we identify new ways to improve our performance.

At the core of our Corporate Health and Safety program is the DNA, which is composed of each Draper Aden Associates team member. Each Draper Aden Associates team member is responsible for all their activities and has the ability to make changes in order to complete their tasks safely and without incident.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for each Draper Aden Associates team member.  Our safety culture continues to improve through the hard work of each team member and by the support of management.

Corporate Insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR)  =  .76


In March, 2018 we were renewed by the Certification Committee to be “GOLD SHOVEL” Standard Certified for our Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) activities.

The Gold Shovel Standard is a first-of-its kind excavation safety program designed to reduce dig-ins and protect the underground gas and electric system. With safety as its highest priority, the Gold Shovel Standard Certification process was developed to ensure that hired contractors are vetted annually and adhere to the safest excavation standards. For more information, visit

View our Gold Shovel Certification letter here!


Corporate Safety Manager